Was wir noch tun können: Rehabilitation am Lebensende Potential and Possibility: Rehabilitation at end of life

"Potential and Possibility: Rehabilitation at end of life.
Physiotherapy in Palliative care"

Eds: Taylor, Simader, Nieland

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Jacob van den Broek


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Jacob van den Broek - 1962-2017

Jacob van den Broek

It was with great sadness we heard that our much-loved colleague and friend Jacob van den Broek died unexpectedly on May 30th 2017.

His sensitive and authentic character both fascinated and touched many people. He not only shaped physiotherapy in Palliative Care in his home country of The Netherlands but had great influence in Europe and beyond within the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC). He played a role as chair of the Physiotherapy Task Force and contributed much to raising our profile both with lectures and the organization of international events to ensure physiotherapists are seen, heard, and understood in the field of Palliative Care.

By his death Palliative Care loses not only a member of the profession and an important representative but also many colleagues lose a charismatic and very kind friend.

Our sincere sympathy goes to his relatives and friends and all those who loved him.

On behalf of many colleagues we say a last goodbye – you will be missed enormously, dear Jacob!

Jenny Taylor and Rainer Simader
June 2017